Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Life seems so much messed up..I really wish life were a playground and the people around me footballs so that I could kick some people so hard that they could never manage to return back again into my life and nose around. After having spent 4yrs in a place no less than hell with people no lesser than monsters personified I'm still quite unable to move ahead with so much cluttered up in my head.
The anger, the hated, the wrath still prevails so strongly in my mind that the new thoughts are finding it very difficult to occupy space for themselves.
Hell Hell Hell....to the people who made life this for me..the people who came in my life to turn it into such a mess.
Even if I turn into some saint some fine day I'll still not stop hating what happened over the period of 3yrs & each person who made that happen.
But anyways..I hope I will soon be able to recover from this state of mind soon and develop space for the much more imp. and newer thought & ideas in my mind which are all set to rock.

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