Sunday, 26 June 2011

Monstrous Loneliness & The Fake Monsters

Its been some 10 days but still the sad memories of that day still haunt me..17th June, the worst day of my life.
The day when the world came crashing down on me..the day when i lost complete trust on the word "trust"..the day I stood on the crossroads of life with a big dilemma in my mind,, all alone..left alone..
A single day or a single person can turn your whole life upside down & that's the fact I could not just gulp down.
No sleep, No food, No peace..the words that describe the days after that.
All I can feel right now is the monstrous feeling of loneliness...
But anyways I hope to find the answers soon, & I know god you are with me & u'll surely guide me through this....
I really need you God.

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